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Is Juan Williams the Right’s Shirley Sherrod?

John on October 21, 2010 at 10:34 am

Juan’s firing by NPR yesterday was the direct result of hounding by Think Progress, Media Matters and others on the left who had been circulating an edited clip of Juan and demanding NPR take action. And as in the Sherrod case, Juan got fired without even a chance to defend himself:

Noting the comparison to Sherrod, Doug Mataconis at Outside the Beltway writes “It’s time for a little test of intellectual honesty…” Indeed it is. The left wing sites who pushed for Williams’ ouster are the same ones who blasted Breitbart with the most ferocity for the Sherrod video. The difference is, they had the whole tape and have no excuse for not showing more of the context.

William Saletan at Slate makes the same comparison, saying “The damning video clip of Williams, like the damning clip of Sherrod, cuts off the speaker just as he’s about to reverse course.” For the record, I’m no fan of Saletan’s and have written about his inability to construct a logical argument in the past. He also gets the facts wrong since the video of Sherrod posted by Andrew Breitbard did contain the reverse course where she talked about overcoming racism. That aside, Saletan is correct that the cases are similar enough that NPR is now in the same position the Obama Administration was in the day after Sherrod’s firing.

The NPR ombudsman has promised a response on the situation here. We’re still waiting.

Related: Sarah Palin says it’s time for National Private Radio. Also, having helped trash Juan Williams, Media Matters is already turning its attention to Mara Liasson. So I guess we know where George Soros stands.

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