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A New Look!

John on April 7, 2008 at 1:33 am

Every 18 months or so I get the itch to improve things around the blog. Fortunately, Scott is pretty laid back about such things. In this case, the redesign isn’t just to improve the look.

We’ve been doing this for three years now (in February). According to my dashboard, we have 1,352 posts and somewhere over 6,000 comments. I wanted to intoduce some functionality that would make use of that increasingly deep well of material. So now when you click on a single post (to add a comment for instance) you’ll see a list of 5-10 related posts in the sidebar. We’ll be tweaking the accuracy of this feature as we go.

Here are a few more new features:

  • A wider layout means less scrolling.
  • Excerpts of posts in the center sidebar (again less scrolling!).
  • AJAX-ified comment form.
  • More recent comments with less line wrapping going on.
  • Did I mention the cool “related posts” feature?

Credit where due: The new theme is called Breaking News. I didn’t create it but I did modify it quite a bit.

Finally, for any WordPress nerds out there who might be interested in using the same basic theme, there was a serious problem with video’s appearing in the excerpts and either breaking the layout or breaking all video on the page. After many hours of troubleshooting, I found the source of the problem and created a simple hack of formatting.php to solve this . If anyone’s interested, send me a note via the contact form. I’d be happy to share code.

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