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Global Warming NOT an Absolute Certainty? Who Knew?!?

Scott on April 4, 2008 at 12:02 pm

UN meteorologists are reporting that in 2008 global temperatures should be cooling.


How is that possible? I thought Al Gore and his lauded scientific knowledge and expertise made it clear that the charts of global warming that he used in his “presentation” were going to continue heading up and up and up, leading to his claim that “the debate is over.”

I talked about this two years ago here.

And here is the legendary Newsweek story from 1975 trumpeting the quickly approaching ice age.

It would certainly be amusing in 10-15 years to watch Al Gore explain how all his hysteria and self-righteous fear mongering were completely off base. We can only hope.

Anyhow, here’s a quick glimpse of what else is being said regarding the cooling trend:

Global Warming or Global Cooling? (from the Eastern Arizona Courier)

Dr. Peter Dorman and his team of scientists have determined that since 1986, temperatures have been dropping an average of 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, and downturns have occurred since 1978 in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of east Antarctica. When scientists noticed that glacial ice wasn’t melting, streams weren’t flowing, lakes were shrinking and microorganisms were disappearing, they decided to expand their data collection and discovered that Antarctica as a whole had gotten considerably colder. The study seems to confirm what 17,000 scientists have previously determined: There is no global warming.

Heat of the Moment (from World Net Daily)

In a few short years, we will have a reversal of the warming of the 20th century,” Archibald warned, according to CargoNews Asia. “There will be significant cooling very soon. Our generation has known a warm, giving sun, but the new generation will suffer a sun that is less giving, and the earth will be less fruitful. Carbon dioxide is not even a little bit bad – it’s wholly beneficial.”

Chiding the Media for Hysterical Reporting (from One News Now)

“It is such a tiny fraction, and the media portrays this as though it’s global warming run amok and we’re going to lose ice and we’re going to have sea level rise — when in reality the whole of Antarctica has cooled,” says Morano. “Ice extent is at record since satellite monitoring began in 1979.”

There is “absolutely no cause for alarm,” he continues. In fact, says Morano, the Southern hemisphere has seen a cooling trend in the past few years, and many scientists are actually calling for a period of global cooling. He further states that many scientists are dissenting from the idea that the trace gas CO2 is causing global warming.

Given the growing consensus that THERE IS NO CONSENSUS on global warming, the role that humans play in global warming, the relative harm or benefits of global warming, etc…when will there actually be an honest, open, forthright debate/discussion of this topic?

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