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Obama: Sorry Juno, You Shoulda Got That Abortion

John on April 4, 2008 at 10:58 am

The story of a pregnant 16 year old and her courageous stand for life was nominated for best picture at this year’s Oscars. It won for best original screenplay. Apparently Obama didn’t see it:

YouTube Preview Image

Obama is so enthralled with the logic of abortion rights that, apparently, nothing in him balks at referring to his own hypothetical grandchildren as a “punishment.” I know he was speaking extemporaneously and it’s inevitable that candidates, who talk for a living, will say dumb things. But in this case I think bit more to it than that. I suppose we’ll see whether or not he corrects himself and how he does so.

Editorial cartoonist Lisa Benson has turned the phrase into a memorable cartoon:

Her cartoon, with the nervous looking baby is amusing, but the reality of this situation is made tangible by two recent cases of teenagers who felt “punished” with children and so chose to flush them down toilets. I’m not suggesting that Obama would personally condone such a crime, only that the logic behind his statement would surely be something those teens could agree with. That’s enough of a reason to be ashamed.

Preventing teen pregnancy may require many things from our society, but having one of the most high profile men in America label unborn babies a “punishment” is not one of them.

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