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Che: The Sequel

John on January 30, 2006 at 9:58 am

The same folks who brought us The Motorcycle Diaries — a biopic lionizing mass murdering thug and communist poster boy Che’ Guevara — are working on a sequel. This time their quest to legitimize a monster has been aided and abetted by Kofi Annan. The really sad part is that they wouldn’t be doing this if the first movie hadn’t been a hit.

For an un-whitewashed look at Che, read this piece on Slate.

What other communist dictators have movie’s in the works? Look for these biopics coming soon: Hangin’ with Stalin, Pol Pot’s Jungle Adventure, and Mugabe’s Angels which will pair the African dictator with a trio of leftist Hollywood starlets to perform missions against the capitalist pig-dogs.

Update: Life imitates art, I guess. Venezualan communist dictator (and star of a lionizing “documentary” called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) has just called for the destruction of America. Che’s spirit really does live on. [HT: Pearcey Report]

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