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Video of the Palin Rally in Anaheim

John on October 16, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Morgen and I attended this rally today. I actually captured Palin’s entire speech on my flipcam, but this NBC video is a lot cleaner:

I was mildly critical of the speech Palin gave a week ago at the Bakersfield Business Conference. I said at the time that it wasn’t her best effort. Today she was really on her game. To borrow a phrase, she had the crowd fired up and ready to go. People were screaming out responses to her the entire time. Even MSNBC described the applause as “ear-splitting” and it really was. In fact, it was so loud that standing 60 ft away, I missed about 1/3 of the speech because of the level of applause.

Andrew Breitbart was in attendence and gave another excellent crowd pleaser of a speech. I don’t suppose MSNBC will be posting video of that one, but I’ll post it if it turns up.

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