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When Spurgeon Speaks…

Scott on March 31, 2008 at 3:37 pm

I am borrowing this from our friends over at CRN.Info, and it is so good I wish I could share it personally with several individuals and engage them in discussion about it.

“If we really believe the truth, we shall be decided about it. Certainly we are not to show our decision by that obstinate, furious, wolfish bigotry which cuts off every other body from the chance and hope of salvation and the possibility of being regenerate or even decently honest if they happen to differ from us about the colour of a scale of the great leviathan. Some individuals appear to be naturally cut on the cross; they are manufactured to be rasps, and rasp they will. Sooner than not quarrel with you they would raise a question upon the colour of invisibility, or the weight of a non-existent substance. They are up in arms with you, not because of the importance of the question under discussion, but because of the far greater importance of their being always the Pope of the party. Don’t go about the world with your fist doubled up for fighting, carrying a theological revolver in the leg of your trousers. There is no sense in being a sort of doctrinal game-cock, to be carried about to show your spirit, or a terrier of orthodoxy, ready to tackle hertodox rats by the score . . . These are theologians of such warm, generous blood, that they are never at peace till they are fully engaged in war” (Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students, p. 224).

I love Spurgeon’s line about being “a terrier of orthodoxy, ready to tackle hertodox rats by the score.”

I wonder how those who trumpet Spurgeon on a daily basis missed this gem?!?

Or did they?!?


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