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Jake Tapper’s Interview with the Chamber of Commerce

John on October 13, 2010 at 10:41 am

Jake Tapper did a great job on this. And I gotta say, I love the fact that the Chamber of Commerce is now calling out “Al” Fang and the Center for American Progress:

TAPPER: They’re suggesting, based on a ThinkProgress report, that since you do get some money from foreign companies and from AmChams, which are based in other countries, essentially foreign money is finding its way onto the American air waves to fund political attacks on politicians you are trying to defeat.

JOSTEN: Well it’s a sad day and a last gasp I guess by this administration and their outside allies, and I wouldn’t call the ThinkProgress blog a report Jake, I would recognize it’s a liberal blog, subset of the Center for American Progress, which is run by the president’s transition campaign director John Podesta, that made a lot of inferences and clearly Al Fang who is the author of that blog doesn’t even understand what an American Chamber of Commerce abroad is.

Later on, the Chamber spokesman explains exactly why they will not publicly identify their donors:

JOSTEN: A year ago when we ran issue ads across this country, hundreds of them, against the patients protection and affordable care act, citing the CBO report, citing the Center for Medicare Studies–Services report, the companies that got divulged publicly were harassed, were intimidated.


JOSTEN: The outside allies of this administration, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, HCANN – Health Care Action Now network and, all combined and coordinated protests at those companies, at the CEOs’ homes in some cases, as they did here with us. And they began a proxy campaign, through outside groups, the Center for Political Accountability, and another group, Walden Asset Management. This is a game, ok? And they like to play that game out. So it’s clear that the game here is to harass and intimidate.

Why does all of this sound so familiar? Oh, that’s right:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Obama, Axelrod and his cronies at CAP are just following the playbook.

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