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Progressive PST Reaches a New Level of Sleaze

John on October 7, 2010 at 4:23 pm

This is almost unbelievable. Just when you thought Democratic dirty tricks had reached rock bottom, it turns out they’ve built a whole new level of dishonest sleaze beneath the basement:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the company website with this guy’s photo. Here are the clients who proudly employ his services. In case you’re too lazy to click over at the moment, here’s the list:

  • Rodney Glassman Candidate For Senate, AZ
  • David Cozad Candidate For TX-06
  • Billy Kennedy Candidate For NC-05
  • Lois Herr Candidate For PA-16
  • Hank Gilbert Candidate For TX Agriculture Commissioner
  • Brett Carter Candidate For TN-06
  • Lance Enderle Candidate For MI-08
  • Scott McAdams Candidate For Senate, AK*
  • Manan Trivedi Candidate For PA-06*
  • John Bottoroff Candidate For IN-09*
  • Ryan Bucchianeri Candidate For PA-12*
  • Joe Hoeffel Candidate For Governor, PA*
  • Connie Saltonstall Candidate For MI-01*

To be completely fair to these candidates, it’s impossible to say how much they knew about what Neal Rauhauser was doing. But they know now. If they continue to employ him after this point, then they have to be considered his enablers and accomplices in these sleazy tactics.

[HT: The Other McCain]

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