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How to Enjoy Dinner Out

John on March 19, 2008 at 10:26 am

Over at Wizbang, Cassy Fiano has an excellent post on how to be a good customer at a restaraunt. She writes as someone with three years experience as a waitress and her insights are valuable.

Like Cassy, I was a waiter once (albeit briefly). Unlike her, I was terrible at it. But the experience did make me appreciate what a difficult job waiters and waitresses have. I also became aware how little most of them make apart from tips. If you aren’t tipping good service, you’re a creep:

Here’s something that people who don’t tip well must not know: servers only get paid about $3.00 an hour. When I was a server, it was $2.13/hr, but I’ve heard that since then it’s been raised to just over $3.00. Your tips pay our bills.

Yes, servers have to earn a good tip. But even if their service was just average, then you need to tip an absolute minimum of 15%. If their service was great, then tip higher. Never withhold a tip unless their service was so bad that you were going to complain to a manager. Usually, they’re trying the best they can.

If you aren’t willing to tip well, then don’t go out to eat — period. Go into it recognizing that a 15% – 20% tip is part of the final bill.

Anyway, enjoy Cassy’s opus on proper waitress/customer interaction.

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