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Restoring Honor vs. One Nation: The Animated Gif (Updated with source and Exif data)

John on October 3, 2010 at 3:09 pm

I have tweaked the photos a bit to make them more similar (exposure, sharpening, etc.) but I have not done anything to the crowds or any cloning. Quite a difference:

Remember, the organizers were claiming they definitely had more people. In fact, they announced it from the stage and it was repeated by hundreds of liberal web sites like Crooks and Liars.

Who you going to believe, them or your lying eyes?

Update: Starting last night many people were asking me where the One Nation photo in my GIF came from and precisely when it was taken. Thanks to Neal in the comments, we now know.

The source photo appears on Flickr. Full size original is here (warning, large image)  It was taken by nj pitnety who, I just learned, is a National Editor at the Huffington Post. Indeed, here it is on Huff Post.

According to the exif data, it was taken on 10/2 at 12:04PM EDT, which was right after the start of the rally:

[Note: I've temporarily removed the exif data image because of the server load. You can view it here.]

Update 2 – Noon 10/4: Well, in the midst of the crush our helpful webhost decided to shut down our site. They claim we had over a thousand open connections which violated our TOS. I asked where “too many open connections” was a reason for downing a site in our Terms of Service agreement. Answer: It’s not in there. So, we’ll be moving soon.

Also, I see that Wonkette is not amused. Author Jack Stuef bemoans the stupidity of dueling rallies where one group pits its drawing power against another, content be damned. Uh, okay. But at the risk of playing right into his hands…they started it.

Seriously though, Beck wasn’t trying to out-rally anyone. He just did his thing. It was the One Nation folks (and the Stewart folks to come) who’ve turned this into a competition.

As for content, 8/28 was fairly apolitical to most eyes. I don’t think you can say the same about 10/2.

Update 3: Tabitha Hale and Ace of Spades point out this piece by Tommy Christopher which really is remarkably absurd:

On Saturday, an estimated 175-200k people gathered on the National Mall for the “One Nation Rally,” a progressive reply to the Tea Party movement, and to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally…Regardless of other events, 175,000 people is an objectively impressive number, and even more so in light of the promotion gap.

Yeah, 175K is “objectively” impressive. So where’d that objective number come from exactly?

As you can see in the links, Tommy relies on two “sources” for his claim that 175K people showed up (on his Twitter feed he calls them “published estimates“). Neither one of his links say where they got the numbers but probably from the event spokesperson who gave out 175K as the official low-end number on Saturday. In other words, Tommy is taking the organizer’s word for it, but at one remove. And because a liberal blog published what they were told, that makes it a reliable “published estimate.” See how that works?

He also tweets that the pictures above don’t count because they aren’t time-stamped. Actually, at least one of them is time-stamped, the one from One Nation. But that doesn’t matter either because there was a surge of buses “mid-rally.” Which begs a question more cogent than any raised by Tommy Christopher…do we really want the country run by a bunch of people who can’t make a noon appointment?

As Ace notes, Tommy then twists himself in knots saying 10/2 was really a grassroots effort since union dues payed for all those charter buses. No, sorry, but there is no possible definition of grass roots that would allow for union dues and union organizing of charter buses. That’s the opposite of grass roots. So I think we have a winner for the lamest defense of One Nation, also the least coherent which was a separate prize.

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