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Dana Milbank is Outraged by Glenn Beck Comparing People to Nazis

John on October 2, 2010 at 11:59 am

Dana Milbank is cashing in on Beck-bashing. Today we get a zillion word article adapted from Milbank’s book (out Tuesday). The whole thing is little more than a spruced up version of Media Matters “research.” Anyway, you can tell how outraged Milbank and his editors at the Post are about violating Godwin’s law from the photos used to advertise his piece:

It’s subtle, but what do you think they’re trying to suggest?

Good one, Post editors!

The rest of the article is full of garbage like this:

Beck explained — without benefit of actual fact — that Obama’s advisers favor health-care rationing and sterilants in drinking water…

Hmmm…so Dr. Berwick’s love of the heavily rationed UK health system and Science Czar Holdren’s thinking out loud about “sterilants” in drinking water in his published work don’t count as facts?

Not in Dana Milbank’s world. If he didn’t find it on the Media Matters website, it didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Milbank and the Post to correct his previous fact-deficient attack on Glenn Beck. I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Milbank got it wrong and yet they haven’t bothered to correct it.

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