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Google Censors Christ

John on January 28, 2006 at 10:46 am

Everyone has probably heard by now about Google’s deal with the Chinese. Essentially google is allowing the communist dictators of that state to censor search results. Much has been made over the Chinese Google version of Tiananmen Square.

Today, Junkyard Blog has done some more tests on Google’s Chinese site and finds, not surprisingly, that Google is censoring Christ. [HT: Michelle Malkin]

Update: After the sarcastic comment below I did my own test. Here are my results for Google China vs. Google US. Feel free to do your own test.

  • Searching for Christian displays 618,000 items in China vs. 201 million in the US!
  • Protestant reformation yields 2,240 in China vs. 4.1 million in the US.
  • Trinity: 310,000 vs. 87.1 million
  • Catholic church: 45,000 vs. 68.8 million
  • New Testament: 31,000 vs. 50.1 million
  • Gospel: 90,800 vs. 92.1 million
  • Chinese Bible: 93,000 vs. 17.8 million

That said, it does seem that I am only getting english words in Chinese web sites. In other words, there may be many more pages available if I could type the words in Chinese (perhaps some enterprising blogger will help us with that).

In any case, it seems clear that China’s google has been cut off from the possible hits for these terms in the English speaking world.

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