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Anarchists on the Attack

John on March 9, 2008 at 10:07 pm

The latest word on the bombing in NY last week is that anarchist groups may be responsible. I also noted that the man found with Ricin in his Vegas hotel room last week apparently learned to make the deadly substance reading the Anarchist Cookbook (a copy of which was found in his room).

This got me thinking that it was time to do a post on anarchists and their activities, which they like to call “direct action.” I quickly discovered that Michelle Malkin had already done just such a post listing all of the attacks on military recruitment centers nationwide, most of them by anarchists. I can’t improve on Michelle’s work, but I did find one such attack she may have missed.

And since we’re talking about them, here are a few previous posts on anarchists (I’m not a fan if you hadn’t guessed). Here’s one on the anarchist bike riders group Critical Mass. And here’s one where I note that the author of the aforementioned Anarchist Cookbook got married, had kids and became a professing Anglican.

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