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600K and our First Podcast!

John on March 7, 2008 at 12:43 am

We passed 600K hits today. Small change for some blogs but we feel pretty good about it. Now if only we could get a little respect from the annual blog awards over at Wizbang.

Last weekend alone we had over 10K hits in 3 days on our biased headlines post. Thanks to the guys at HotAir for the first link that got it going. We subsequently were linked by Newsbusters, Pajamas Media, Sister Toldjah and at least half a dozen other sites. We appreciate it.

Finally, this seems like a great time to announce our first podcast. Not our podcast per se but our first participation in a podcast. Thanks to Chris Lyons and Tim Reed at CRN Info and Analysis for asking us to take part. The discussion was on the role of Christians in politics. A timely topic and not as simple an issue as many people seem to believe. I know I kept thinking about it after the recording ended.

Anyway, we really enjoyed batting it around. You can listen here. I clearly don’t have a voice for radio but Scott’s voice more than makes up for it. We’ve also been asked to appear on a couple more in future and we’re looking forward to it.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to stop by and read Verum Serum on a regular basis. And if you haven’t added us to your blogroll yet…Hey! What are you waiting for a written invitation?! Seriously though, we’d appreciate your support and we’re happy to reciprocate and add anyone who adds us. Just use the contact form to let us know.

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