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What’s Up at the Border-Part Deux!

Scott on January 27, 2006 at 8:45 am

As I mentioned previously, there are some strange and even frightening things happening down at the U.S./Mexican border. As more details are coming to light, it is becoming evident that things are worse than most of us could have possibly imagined. The Inland Valley Dailey Bulletin has been all over this story and is providing shocking details about the latest confrontation between U.S. authorities and Mexican military (or those dressed like Mexican military). These details include the fact that what appeared to be Mexican army troops had MACHINE GUN PLACEMENTS set up more than 200 yards into U.S. territory near Neeley’s Crossing, 50 miles east of El Paso, TX!

COME ON! MACHINE GUNS?!? Doesn’t this seem ODD or UNUSUAL in some way? Why isn’t SOMEONE in D.C. getting off their butt and doing something about this?

In response to this whole situation, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has been swamped with calls and letters by private citizens and by government officials demanding information AND action. The article in the Inland Valley Dailey Bulletin describes Chertoff’s reaction…

“On Wednesday, Chertoff played down the reports of border incursions by the Mexican military. He suggested many of the incursions could have been mistakes, blaming bad navigation by military personnel or attributing the incursions to criminals dressed in miltary garb.”

Give me a #$%#@$%*$# break!

An amusing twist (in a sad, pathetic way) is the most recent reaction by the Mexican government. On Friday, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (HT: Sara A. Carter) reported a story in which Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez claimed that U.S. soldiers have helped drug traffickers in the past. According to Derbez,

“Members of the U.S. Army have helped protect people who were processing and transporting drugs,” Derbez said. “And just as that has happened … it is very probable that something like that could have happened, that in reality they were members of some of their groups disguised as Mexican soldiers with Humvees.”

The Dailey Bulletin reports that later during the same press conference,

“Derbez said his country will send a diplomatic note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice demanding that U.S. officials tone down their comments on Mexico’s security and immigration problems.”


This has all of the makings of a joke! Mexico demanding that the U.S. tone down its comments on Mexico’s security and immigration problems is like Ted Kennedy demanding that people stop commenting on his alcohol consumption and on his complete lack of ethics, morality, and integrity! How can you NOT comment when it is in your face all the time!

Again, I have to ask this question,…What is our government’s response to the border situation. I don’t care who comes up with a solution,…George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Robert Byrd, or BIG BIRD…SOMEBODY better step up quick or things are going to get nasty!

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