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Putin’s Plan

John on March 1, 2008 at 12:12 am

He’s barely a step up from Hugo Chavez at this point. Vladmir Putin has put the fix in for the election this weekend:

The Kremlin is planning to falsify the results of this Sunday’s presidential election in Russia by compelling millions of public sector workers to vote and by fraudulently boosting the official turnout after polls close, the Guardian has learned.

Governors, regional officials, and even headteachers have been instructed to deliver a landslide majority for Dmitry Medvedev – Russia’s first deputy prime minister, whom President Vladimir Putin has endorsed to be his successor.

Here’s how it works on the small scale:

“They got us teachers together in the school a couple of weeks ago and told us to take absentee ballots and vote at work. They told us election day [Sunday] will be a working day. A few young teachers asked, ‘What about freedom of expression?’ They were told, ‘If you want freedom, go and look for work in a different place.’

Russia is a dictatorship, no different that Cuba at this point. Dare I hope that Jimmy Carter will withhold his seal of approval in the face of such blatant disregard for open elections? We’ll see.

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