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Post-Racial President Addresses Black Caucus, Compares Midterms to Emancipation

John on September 20, 2010 at 3:14 pm

According to the Washington Post, an explicit appeal to black voters–91% of whom still inexplicably support the President–is actually part of the White House strategy for surviving the midterms:

The president will speak at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gala Saturday, where he will address the many steps his administration has taken to address the concerns of the African American community and the challenges that lie ahead.

The thinking behind the strategy is that African Americans are heavily invested in Obama and, if they can be convinced that the midterms are critical to his success, they will vote in larger than usual numbers. And if that happens, Democrats could prevail in some states, such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Nevada, where they need to win to hold on to their majorities.

This follow up article after his appearance has some quotes from the speech. I think this is what Michael Joseph Gross would call a dog-whistle:

“Each and every time we’ve made epic change – from this country’s founding, to emancipation, to women’s suffrage, to workers’ rights – it hasn’t come from a man. It’s come from a plan. It’s come from a grass-roots movement rallying around a cause,” he said. “What made the civil rights movement possible were foot soldiers like so many of you, sitting down at lunch counters and standing up for freedom. What made it possible for me to be here today are Americans throughout our history making our union more equal, making our union more just, making our union more perfect. That’s what we need again.”

Did he just compare the midterms to emancipation? And the civil rights struggle? I’m detecting a theme here. Does anyone else think this is not quite the post-racial President we were promised by the media?

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