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Attempted Murder (of an Unborn Baby) – Updated

John on February 29, 2008 at 12:04 pm

An interesting case out of England. A man who feared becoming a father fed his wife of ten years crushed pills to cause an abortion. She became seriously ill and was hospitalized twice.

He was eventually jailed when the truth came out about what he’d done. The wife’s take is insightful:

She said that when she found out what he had done: “I really felt fear – fear which increased more and more when I started receiving threatening phone calls and text messages [from Magira].

“What made it worse was how determined he seemed to be to get rid of the baby I could feel moving … Every day that passed I thought I had bought the baby another day to live.

“I feared for my life, I feared for the baby’s life and I feared for Gil’s life.”

She was right to feel fear of those trying to kill her child of course. Would that more women felt that way about the husbands and boyfriends encouraging them to kill their children.

Update: Courtesy of the Daily Mail, here’s the boy who lived:

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