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Triple Murderer Released After 20 Years

John on February 26, 2008 at 12:40 am

The murder took place in Sweden but the killer served most of his time in Finland. Here’s the story.

In 1988, Nikita Joakim Foughantine was released from prison at age 22 and began wandering Sweden with his girlfirend. Two months later, he shot and killed a father and his 15 year old son when they tried to retrieve their stolen bicycle. Later, the wife and mother of the family went looking for her missing husband and son and Nikita slit her throat.

The girlfriend was present at the murders but blamed Nikita for everything. She received a one year prison sentence. Nikita himself received a life sentence. Twenty years later he is now getting out at age 42.

Well, even if he did murder three people over a bicycle, he reformed and became a model prisoner, right…Well, not exactly:

Valjakkala tried to escape from prison in 1991.

In April 1994 Valjakkala fled the Riihimäki prison in Finland where he was being held. He took a teacher as a hostage, but he was apprehended nearby and the hostage escaped the situation unscathed.

In 2002 he escaped from Pyhäselkä prison and traveled to Sweden with his wife, and was captured after a large police operation in Långträsk. Upon returning to prison after the 2002 escape he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in his cell.

His next escape in 2004 from Sukeva prison lasted only 19 minutes and reached less than 1 km from the prison walls.

Just after midnight on November 28, 2006, Valjakkala escaped for the fourth time, this time from the labor prison in Hamina. He was captured on the evening of November 30, 2006, by police Readiness Unit Karhuryhmä in Maunula, Helsinki. Police assaulted the apartment which was suspected to be Valjakkala’s hideout. Valjakkala was captured without resistance. After the incident Valjakkala went back to closed prison.

Well, I’m sure he’ll behave himself now that he’s out. That or murder some more people.

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