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Rove Just Adopted Liberals’ “Ungovernable Electorate” Meme

John on September 14, 2010 at 7:56 pm

Look, I get it that Christine O’Donnell is a far from perfect candidate who may be unable to win a seat Castle almost certainly could have won. That said, now that she’s won what’s the point in the RNC NRSC and people like Rove dumping all over her?

YouTube Preview Image

I think Rove is skirting awfully close to saying the voters were wrong. He needs to check himself on that. The voters get to choose and once they do the party either backs them up or gets out of the way. Granted, Rove is appearing as a commentator not a party official, but he’s smarter than this. What he just did here is provide Coons his first commercial.

When the Republican party starts echoing the “ungovernable electorate” meme beloved of Democrats, something is very rotten in Delaware.

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