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Jerry Brown Might Have a Few More Things to Apologize to Bill Clinton For

Morgen on September 13, 2010 at 9:57 pm

An amusing dust-up occurred this week between Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown, who is locked in a tight race for governor with Meg Whitman here in California. Whitman is currently running a great ad featuring a clip of Clinton from the 1992 presidential campaign accusing Brown of not telling the truth about his record on taxes. Rather than focusing his counter-attack on Whitman, Brown boneheadedly was caught on video earlier this week going after Clinton, disparaging him as someone not known for always telling the truth.

Well, at least Brown was honest with this statement, if politically tone-deaf, given how popular Clinton continues to be here in California. But then realizing the potential impact of his error, and probably under pressure from donors, Brown comes out with this today:

“Bill Clinton was an excellent president,” Brown said in Oakland. “It was certainly wrong for me to joke about an incident from many, many years ago, and I’m sorry for that.”

Brown apologized to a senior Clinton aide but has not spoken directly with the former president and demurred when asked if he expected Clinton to endorse him. Attempts to reach a Clinton spokesperson were unsuccessful.

That Brown now considers Clinton to have been an “excellent President” is just laughable on its face, considering that Brown spent virtually the entire Clinton presidency lambasting him from behind the microphone of his Pacifica radio show. Unfortunately no audio archives are available, but I was able to dig up some amusing snippets from Brown’s old radio show web site.

On Clinton’s support for the GATT trade deal:

The sovereignty of America has just been eroded in plain daylight by Clinton and the Congress, who take an oath to the Constitution. Those criminals continue to destroy this country and the world itself. I know that’s strong, but I don’t exaggerate. Here is what Clinton said in September of 1994: “We need to pass GATT as quickly as we can. The American people will be a winner. It will create hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs over the next decade.”

On Clinton’s drug policy:

When I say the U. S. government is taking another step down the road to totalitarianism, I’m not just saying that for rhetorical effect. There is a systematic movement to extinguish the liberties of the American people. If the American people do not begin to resist very soon, their capacity to do so will be severely curtailed.


We were lied to on NAFTA; we were deceived by Clinton and the Republicans and Democrats who voted for it…

On Clinton’s welfare reform initiative:

That’s why they’ve got the three-strikes bill, that’s why they’ve got 100,000 more cops and a crime bill; that’s why Clinton came back with the second anti-terrorism bill, because he’s breeding terrorists with the combination of NAFTA and GATT and this so-called welfare reform.

Comparing Clinton to Richard Nixon:

Nixon had his enemies list-his list of what he called the Jews who were attacking him-yes, there was a charge of anti-Semitism there. Now we have Clinton. I don’t believe Clinton is different from Richard Nixon.

And lastly, on Clinton’s brand of progressivism:

Clinton’s little baby steps at progressive politics give enough sugar to keep us smiling and off the scent of what’s really going on. He acts as a soporific. If Clinton didn’t exist, the Trilateral Commission would have to invent him because he has deprived and drained the radical energy out of environmental movements, out of the African American civil rights community, by just being there and being not Bush, not Gingrich, not Dole. He gives you a warm fuzzy feeling so that you focus all your negative energy on the Republicans, never realizing that in cutting welfare, in lacking effort on fuel economy standards, on alternative energy, on a living family wage, on disarmament, on getting rid of nuclear weapons-Clinton and Dole are exactly the same!

So in sum, Clinton was a lying, terrorist-breeding criminal, and no better in Brown’s estimation than Richard Nixon. Or in other words, an “excellent President”! You just can’t make this stuff up…

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