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Kneejerk Pat Robertson Reactions Say A Lot About the Left

John on February 19, 2008 at 11:50 am

The Huffington Post reaches a new low (it’s a weekly thing) with this post. The post contains new damning video of Pat Robertson. Here’s how Patrick Waldo sets up the clip:

On Monday morning’s “700 Club”, while discussing Hugo Chavez’s decision to continue shipping oil to the U.S., Pat Robertson went off on a strange tangent about a producer who revealed the secret to his muscular physique: cocaine.

Mr. Waldo will no doubt soon be claiming this was all a joke. How else to explain his basic failure of listening comprehension. Pat wasn’t talking about a producer on his show. He was talking about Hugo Chavez use of cocaine.

Two of the first five commenter’s point out the error but that doesn’t stop the HuffPost crowd from offering four pages of idiotic observations. The entire thread really needs to be preserved as an example of the worst elements of leftist politics. It’s all right there in microcosm, the obnoxious certainty, the paranoia, the knee-jerk anti-religious venom.

There’s a lesson here for sane folks. The reason the obnoxious bon mots just keep coming despite being based on complete BS is because the reasons never mattered anyway. These are the people who still consider Ashcroft’s drapes a turning point in American history.

You could substitute any clip of George Bush or Dick Cheney or Condi Rice or Donald Rumsfeld or Bill O’Reilly or 100 other people and generate the same bile from the HuffPost crowd. They’ve demonstrated that many times, to the point that HuffPost won’t allow comments on posts about, say, Dick Cheney’s latest doctor visit.

Any excuse will do.

[HT: HotAir]

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