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What is UP at the Border?!?

Scott on January 26, 2006 at 2:36 pm

My blogging partner John has been all over the idea that something is not right at our southern border. He has made some great observations in his posts detailing the movement of Arabic speaking individuals and groups crossing illegally into the U.S. SEE Al Qaeda at the Border, Al Qaeda at the Border Redux and Al Qaeda at the Border #3

And now this recent event involving the movement of Mexican military personnel, or those posing as Mexican military personnel, crossing into U.S. space gives even more credence to the idea that SOMETHING IS WRONG down there! At this point, I don’t care if it is drug smugglers, migrant workers, Mexican military, or Al Qaeda NOBODY should be able to move that freely across our border. And more importantly, nobody should feel fee enough to do so with impunity.

I mean, if I get a little nervous crossing over into Mexico or Canada (and I am a legal U.S. citizen), how is it that these groups all feel the freedom to move into Texas or Arizona or California without even a please or thank you?

Mexico does deny that the men involved in the December incident were with the military. I’ll take them at their word. But its not like this is new and it’s not like they have tried to discourage illegal crossings by their citizens or others. According to Newsmax, this has been going on for awhile down at the border.

An interview I heard today had a representative from the Mexican government sounding almost injured and/or offended that people are making assumptions about the Mexican military. Well, I’m sorry, but stop trying to tell the U.S. how to run its border, take care of your own people, enforce YOUR side of the border, and stop handing out helpful maps and tracks about how to safely cross through the desert, and then we’ll talk!

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas filed a formal request for an investigation into , not just the December 30 incident, but the whole situation at the U.S. / Mexico border. And it’s about time that the people in D.C. start answering questions as opposed to weak denials and redirecting the questions to easier territory. She ends her letter of request by saying

“Make no mistake – this is only a symptom of a much larger problem. Even after 9/11, our nation’s borders remain porous. We must take bold action in securing our borders, “

Now, if somebody in D.C. will only just listen!

Update: The US and Columbia have just busted a major false passport ring. One guess where these people were coming next.

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