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Ted Kennedy-I REALLY Don’t Get It (or Him)

Scott on January 26, 2006 at 11:54 am

Ted Kennedy is one of those figures that seem to have always been around for as long as I can remember. I remember images of him as a much younger, thinner, and healthier man. I remember hearing about John F. Kennedy (whom everyone in my family thought was a VERY important person) and about his brothers who were all politically motivated and successful.

But for nearly as long as I can remember, at least since my early teen years, I’ve had the impression that Ted Kennedy was shady somehow, that what he said and what he did were two different sides of a coin…total opposites, total contradictions, and total B.S. OK, who am I kidding,…I think Kennedy is full of bullshit.

During the Alito hearings, as during the John Roberts hearings, Kennedy has bloviated like an old-fashioned southern plantation owner getting ready to “speechify” during a small town summer celebration. He pontificates on any number of topics as he accuses (both subtlety and not so) the nominee of the day of being out of the mainstream, out of touch with the American people, against minorities, against women, against the environment, blah, blah, blah.

What I don’t understand is why people still listen to Kennedy. In fact, how is it that he is still in office? Do the people of Massachusetts not see Kennedy for who he really is? Do they not see his hypocracy? Or do they just NOT CARE?!?

Let me just touch on a few of the salient facts associated with Senator Kennedy (and it galls me to use the title of Senator in connection with his name)

1) Kennedy was expelled from Harvard for cheating, TWICE! I mean that he was expelled twice – once for cheating and once for paying another student to cheat for him. And this is after he gained admittance to Harvard as a “legacy.” He barely kept up a C average at the private Milton Academy before attending Harvard, and his admittance to such an esteemed university as a legacy is really pathetic.

2) In 1969, Kennedy was involved in the incredibly suspicious car accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne. The Chappaquiddick incident was a scandal at the time that Kennedy eventually lived down, though how is beyond me. He had probably been drinking (I know, shocking to believe that Kennedy would drink) and drove his car off the side of a bridge, where it turned upside down in the water. He somehow escaped and left his passenger in the car. He walked back to the party they had been attending, got advice from his friends, went back to his family’s estate, consulted with his family and attorneys, and finally called the police the next day. When the police divers pulled out the body and the car, they discovered that Ms. Kopechne had probably been alive in the car but had suffocated because she had used up the remaining oxygen while waiting for Kennedy to come with help.

3) Kennedy’s penchant for lecturing about morality, honor, etc is well known and is as TWO-FACED as is humanly possible. The most recent example – Kennedy spent much time and detail on Alito’s connection with the Princeton organization Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP), which Kennedy asserted was anti-woman, anti-minority, and hate-filled. That membership alone, asserted Kennedy, was enough to keep Alito off the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Kennedy himself completely lost sight of the membership that he held in Harvard’s OWL Club, a male-only social (drinking) club whose operation was similar to Princeton’s CAP.

This is a guy who speaks out of both sides of his mouth and his rear-end. He panders because he’s good at kissing butt. He runs for and wins offices because he’s good at kissing babies.

He has no honor, he has no shame, he has no conscience.  To me, he’s just plain messed-up all the way around.
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