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The Lancet Study of Iraq Deaths

John on February 10, 2008 at 10:39 pm

Michael Fumento has a relatively brief but powerful indictment of the Lancet study which claimed 600K people had died as a result of the US invasion. It’s worth reading if you have any doubts left about its validity. Here’s a sample:

While it’s widely known that the Lancet authors refused to release their data to be evaluated by outsiders, there has been little talk about Riyadh Lafta.

Lafta was the man in charge of the actual collection of numbers, while another Lancet author was in Iraq but holed up in a hotel. As National Journal notes, Lafta was also a high-ranking official in Saddam Hussein’s ministry of health and there authored some of the agit-prop papers about the vast number of small children dying from sanctions the U.N. imposed after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait..

The assertion that half a million Iraqi children had been killed by sanctions was criticized by no less than the Nation magazine, which noted that in the autonomous Kurdish region in the north child mortality rates actually fell. It opined that laughable assertions that blamed the results of Saddam’s cruelty on the U.N. could only undermine efforts to lift the sanctions.

So Lafta doesn’t exactly fit the definition of a trustworthy researcher except in the sense of trusting him to come to the “proper” conclusions.

The study (as I noted here) was largely paid for by self-proclaimed Bush nemesis George Soros. This was a made to order study. The real numbers are probably less than a quarter of those claimed by lancet. A hundred fifty five thousand deaths is still a tremendous number, but don’t forget that the majority of these are victims of car bombs and other indiscriminate militia attacks. The US is responsible for these in the same sense in which we are responsible for the accelerated horrors at Hitler’s death camps as World War II was coming to an end.

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