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Huff Post Blogger Offers $100K for Glenn Beck Sex Tape (Update: Apology Posted)

John on August 30, 2010 at 9:16 pm

Over at The Corner, K-Lo notes that Huffington Post blogger Beau Friedlander made the following offer:

It is time to pop the tea baggers’ favorite balloon (so what if it will be replaced by another?), and with that in mind I hereby offer to negotiate a $100,000 payday to the person who will come forward with a sex tape or phone records or anything else that succeeds in removing Glenn Beck from the public eye forever. I am not offering the cash myself, but I will broker the deal and/or raise the money for what you bring to the table. (And it better be good.)

If you have the goods, or if you want to contribute to a slush fund to buy more takedowns (probably not tax deductible), please contact me

However Huffington Post has now removed his offer:

Editor’s Note: This piece was published directly to the Huffington Post by its author. It didn’t meet our editorial standards and has been removed from the site.

And sometime later the blogger in question offered this apology:

The post was called “$100,000 For Glenn Beck’s Sex Tape.” It was supposed to simply make the point that the right does not hesitate to play rough with the left, and the right is far better financed. It was glib, but finally off-kilter and misdirected.

I was actually trying to mimic what I saw as the way right wingers go about these matters, and by misapprehending the way they do things, I went too far. (I offered to broker a deal for anyone who had damaging media pertaining to Glenn Beck.)

First, I owe Glenn Beck an apology.

I think he seems sincere, but I would quibble with his characterization of what the right does. Offers of this kind have been made before and always, to my knowledge, by the left. In fact, how long will it be before another blogger renews the offer?

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