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Freedom of Religion in Egypt

John on January 21, 2008 at 9:47 am

Scott at Magic Statistics notes the case of Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy who converted from Islam to Christianity. Mr. Hegazy then tried to force the government to recognize his conversion through the courts. It didn’t go well.

An Islamic fundamentalist lawyer made death threats against the Egyptian for converting to Christianity. To the dismay of Higazi’s lawyer the judge made no objection.

What made matters even worse, the judge went so far as to express his loathing off the accused because he had converted. There was no verdict but the judge vowed that he would never let Mr Higazy be registered as a Christian. He defended his decision by saying that Islam is the principal religion in Egypt. No mention was made of the freedom of religion established in the constitution which is a fundamental right of all citizens.

I guess the Egyptian constitution is more of a living document.

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