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Calling Mr. Bean…Your New Car is Ready!!!

Scott on January 15, 2008 at 11:57 am

You may have heard that India’s Tata Motor Co. announced last week that it will be producing a car that will cost as little as $2500. The car will seat four to five people, or at least it will provide the owner with seat belts for that many. I have my doubts that even four full-sized adults will be able to comfortably ride in it. While the car will meet the strictest of European emisions standards and will get approximately 50 miles per gallon, many enviro-geeks are complaining that by creating such an affordable car, Tata Motors has opened up the exciting world of auto ownership to too many people. I guess that once again, in the name of the environmental gods the less-affluent of the world should have to keep riding their bikes and scooters. I’m still waiting to hear about when Al Gore and the gang give up their cars and jets.

ANYHOW, as soon as I saw the first pictures of this car, I thought of Mr. Bean, that beloved and bumbling British import that has, over the years, given my family and me (and most of our friends) some good laughs.

In particular, I am reminded of a really small, ultra-lightweight 3-wheeled blue car that Mr. Bean encounters on various occasions. (BTW-Wikipedia identifies this car as a light blue Reliant Regal Supervan III.) At various times he has raced it, chased it, bumped it, pushed it and even tipped it over while trying to park. OK, I know it sounds like pretty simplistic gag humor, but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the slapstick!

I can’t help but imagine what Mr. Bean could do to this Indian Tata Nano!

If you’ve never watched Mr. Bean, I highly encourage you to check him out. Rowan Atkinson is very entertaining. (His bit as the bumbling priest in “4 Weddings and a Funeral” still cracks me up).

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