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Guess Who Funded That Lancet Study on the Iraq Death Toll

John on January 12, 2008 at 9:36 pm

The numbers were widely circulated and also widely questioned. It was the study that added weight to the anti-war crowd’s refrain about Bush the war criminal. Well, surprise, surprise the study that shook the world was paid for by none other than anti-Bush gazillionaire George Soros:

Soros, 77, provided almost half the £50,000 cost of the research, which appeared in The Lancet, the medical journal. Its claim was 10 times higher than consensus estimates of the number of war dead.

The study, published in 2006, was hailed by antiwar campaigners as evidence of the scale of the disaster caused by the invasion, but Downing Street and President George Bush challenged its methodology.

New research published by The New England Journal of Medicine estimates that 151,000 people – less than a quarter of The Lancet estimate – have died since the invasion in 2003.

“The authors should have disclosed the [Soros] donation and for many people that would have been a disqualifying factor in terms of publishing the research,” said Michael Spagat, economics professor at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The Lancet study was commissioned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and led by Les Roberts, an associate professor and epidemiologist at Columbia University. He reportedly opposed the war from the outset.

It was a the international equivalent of a push poll and should be treated accordingly.

[HT: Hot Air]

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