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What Makes a Good Church?

Scott on January 10, 2008 at 12:54 pm

In working on an idea for an upcoming post, I’ve been doing some reading around the Web and have been thinking about how people “do church.” It seems there are valid points to be found within a variety of Church paradigms. Even a few of the “watchblogs” have some good points to make.

Here’s a list/outline of sorts regarding what I think a “good church” should look like. Anybody have any additions, deletions or want to expound on it in some way?

1) Solid Teaching that emphasizes and encourages:

a. Bible knowledge

b. Understanding of Biblical Interpretation

c. Clear/Useful Application

d. Exposure to Deep Thoughts and Truths that ENCOURAGES individuals towards deep thinking and a thirst for Truth on their own

e. Large and small group Bible studies and Discussion groups

f. Parallel studies bringing Sunday teaching into small group contexts

2) Participation in Worship that emphasizes and encourages:

a. An in-depth worship experience that brings a believer into the presence of God

b. An understanding of the various aspects and attirbutes of God

c. An understanding of the various modes of worship

d. A discernable flow and composition to the overall worship and teaching experience

e. A multi-faceted experience that provides opportunities for the variety of modalities of the human heart, soul and mind

3) Exposure to Service that emphasizes and encourages:

a. Working in the church

b. Working in the community

c. Working across culture and societal boundaries

d. Being a Light in the Community

e. Being a Light in the Neighborhoods

f. Being a Signpost that points in the direction of God

g. Being a Flagship that positively represents Faith in Christ

4) Exposure to Missions that emphasizes and encourages

a. Local and Distance Missions

b. Cross Cultural Missions

c. Short and Long Term Missions

d. Proper understanding of the role of Missions in the Church

5) Encouragement towards Fellowship including:

a. Encouraging small groups

b. Encouraging Close friendships and ties beyond Sunday

c. Providing Support and encouragement

d. Building community

e. Encouraging Community/Fellowship Actions such as: Meals, Service, Travel, Fun, Study, Common Interests, etc

6) Distribution of Leadership and Direction

a. Elders

b. Leadership and Finance Teams

c. Transparency in process of decision making

d. Openness to Change, Correction Decision Making

7) Clearness of Vision, Goals and Process

a. A clear objective/vision

b. A clear understanding of Operation, Authority, etc

c. A clearly outlined Process

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