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A Little Closer to Justice for Sex Offender

Scott on January 26, 2006 at 9:07 am

As I talked about previously here and John wrote about here, Vermont’s Judge Cashman proved to be a person of incredibly poor judgement in the case of Mark Hulett, a child molester/rapist. Cashman gave Hulett an early Christmas present of a 60 day sentence for his disgusting crimes. Cashman’s rationale was that Hulett was more in need of treatment, which he would receive at the end of his 60 day sentence, than he was in need of punishment.

Now the San Jose Mercury News has put up a story reporting that Cashman has now changed the sentence from 60 days to 3 – 10 years. It seems as though Cashman read the writing on the wall and perhaps saw an early sunset to his career on the bench, and suddenly he was able to see his way clear of the whole treatment-over-punishment fog that had muddled his thinking.

Of course, I think that the whole 3-10 years thing is a gift as well. Hulett and all others of his ilk should be in prison for a very long time. In fact, he should be in prison for a very long time and part of his sentence should be that he be abused by big, fat, sweaty men in the same ways that he abused his victim(s).

I think that would make quite a deterent for the next guy who is thinking about touching a child. It could be part of the sentencing guidelines…those men convicted of any sort of child molestation/rape/sexual abuse will be given prison terms of no less than15 years, during which time they will become the party favor of hyper-sexual prison inmates who are looking forward to long, dark evenings alone in their prison cell with their new best friend, the child molester.

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