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What’s Up With Hillary’s You Tube Channel?

John on December 19, 2007 at 11:08 pm

A commenter noted that the message he left in regard to Hillary’s Christmas clip on You Tube wasn’t approved. I checked and sure enough, just four comments and all positive.

That got me curious so I checked a few more official Hillary clips from the official Hillary You Tube Channel. There are 166 clips in all. I skimmed through and checked the TV ads first. They’re easy to identify because they are either 30 seconds or one minute exactly.

Tested – Added 12/18. 9 comments. All positive.

Great Things – Added 12/17. 2 comments. All positive.

Proud (New Hampshire) – Added 12/14. 11 comments. All positive.

Proud – Added 12/14. 9 comments. All positive.

Hillary’s Mom – Added 12/13. 9 comments. All positive.

New Beginning – Added 12/09. 54 comments. All positive.

Strong – Added 11/28. 39 comments. 1 mildly critical comment about Bill.

Machine – Added 11/19. 26 comments. Worst comment: “Not her best ad…” A couple other people love the ad but think the title is a poor choice.

Stand by Us – Added 10/04. 31 comments. 1 critical comment directed at inefficient government but no mention of Hillary.

All in all, not a lot of dissension allowed in the Hillary Clinton camp. I decided to sort by number of comments to make sure I wasn’t missing a big cache of critical ones.

Hillary on Scooter Libby Pardon – Added 07/02. 52 comments. Worst comment: “All this trash talk…while it might be true…is not what I want to hear. And it’s making me not want to vote for her.” Someone else said, sarcastically, “She said that with a straight face too.” The other 50 are positive.

Special Message from Bill – Added 03/23. 51 comments. Worst comment: ” I do not belive you or Hillary are the best.” Also the only negative thing I found.

Standing Here – Added 09/26. 48 comments. All positive.

That’s 12 clips with a total of 341 comments, six of which are negative.

So if we add it all up, that’s 12 clips with a total of 341 comments, six of which are negative. And only three of those negative comments are aimed at Hillary. It seems to me that the farther back you go, the more likely you’ll find a (tame) negative comment. The recent clips have nothing even mildly critical. Again, this is remarkably uniform. Where are the Republicans chiming in to disagree?

I wondered if this wasn’t just how everyone runs their You Tube political groups. Maybe no one allows critical comments. So I did some more digging.

  • Here’s Ron Paul’s Christmas ad, added 12/11. There are over 2,000 comments! One of the most recent begins ” RON PAUL HATES CHILDREN!!”. Didn’t see anything like that on Hillary’s Channel.
  • Here’s a Mitt clip dealing with marriage added 12/07. 275 comments including this one “Romney is a business whore just as much as Bush is a oil whore. Americans loose, corporate gain. No two ways about it.” That sounds like passionate disagreement to me.
  • Here’s Mike Huckabee’s oh-so controversial Christmas clip. Added 12/17 it already has 7,818 comments. Recent sample ” maybe Huckabee’s son will torture and kill another dog and they’ll hang it on a christmas tree.” Whew! Nothing being held back there.
  • Here’s a McCain clip called “Tied Up.” Only 103 comments but they include this “ok think its time for john to gohead and throw in the towel , have to respect em but , he’s too wrong on too much , Ron Paul is the only real choice that makes sense.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.
  • Here’s my man Fred! This clip has over 1,000 comments. Most recent comment ” Fred we know your acting we have seen you in the movies fool.” Um…lovely. Definitely not screened for Fred-head purity.

I’m not going to check all of them, but the only Republican who seems to be following the Hillary model of comment approval is Guliani. This clip has the most comments of any on his channel with a mere 62. All positive.

So it seems like Hillary and Guliani both decided to play it safe. I guess that’s what you do if you’re the front runner. I’m obviously no fan of Hillary, but I think those who are should think about what this says about her. Given her history of planting questions at “open forums”, this screening of comments seems to be part of a larger pattern.

Personally, I’ve been called every name in the book on this site. Not that I enjoy that, but I recognize that it’s a necessary part of free and open debate. I’d like to elect a leader of the free world who appreciate the value of free speech a little more than Hillary Clinton seems to on her You Tube channel. And unfortunately I guess that goes for Guliani as well.

Addendum: Another audience plant by Hillary? That’s what Sweetness and Light thinks.

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