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Is Ben Quayle “Brock Landers” from (With Exclusive Links to Full Brock Landers Archive)

Morgen on August 11, 2010 at 8:54 pm

Politico is currently headlining a story accusing Ben Quayle, who is running for Congress in Arizona, of being an early contributor to, the forerunner to the adult-themed gossip site, The accusation comes from Nik Richie, the founder of the two sites, who claims that for a short time in 2007 Quayle wrote a regular column under the pseudonym Brock Landers. Quayle initially denied the accusation outright, but subsequently back-tracked and has now admitted that he knows Richie, and in fact posted on the site in some fashion. However, he is apparently still denying that he is responsible for the posts by Brock Landers. is no longer operational, but Quayle’s accuser has re-posted at least one of the articles he claims was written by Quayle. It’s nothing too sordid, but Politico, Vanity Fair and others have seized upon some of Brock’s comments to paint Quayle as a hypocrite given that he has claimed  to be a supporter of traditional values in his campaign for Congress. (And they seem to be experiencing particular joy in doing so given that Quayle is the son of former VP Dan Quayle.)

Now I don’t know whether Quayle is in fact Brock Landers, but the fact that he pretty quickly backed-tracked off his initial denial certainly does not enhance his credibility. Since I think sunlight is typically the best disinfectant, I’ve dug up links from the Internet Archive to all of the old posts on written by Brock Landers, with some selected snippets, so you can read and judge for yourself. I want to emphasize again that this still seems to be only an allegation at this point, but if in fact Quayle did write these, I think his campaign is probably in trouble.

5/18/07 – Brock’s Corner: Scottsdale Hairstyle’s

[Snippet] As a preface, I want to tell you a little about myself.  First off, I’m a tall drink of water who is easy on the eyes.  Plus, my moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot.  Long story short, on a scale of 1-to-10, I’m awesome.

At night and on the weekends, I frequent the same places that you do.  I’m at the bars, the clubs, the pool parties and the free health clinic (actually I’ve never been there, but dare to dream).  Basically, I’m F’n everywhere.

5/30/07 – Brock’s Corner: Foxy Lady

6/06/07 – Brock’s Corner: Lost in Translation

[Snippet] It all begins after hearing the description provided by a lady friend.  I usually have my blind date built up in my mind like this: she is model hot, wicked smart, uproariously funny, runs a 4.5 40-yard dash, once saved a small Indonesian village from a swarm of locusts with only a kite and a tennis ball and has serious daddy issues (just how I like ‘em).

Unfortunately, my heightened expectations are usually destroyed by cruel reality.  I could go into great detail about these types of encounters, but then I’d break out in a cold sweat and I would need to take a ‘rape’ shower, and I’ve already taken two of those today…the smell of shame just won’t rub off no matter how hard I try. Zest fully clean my ass!

6/16/07 – Brock’s Corner: P-Nazi Confusion

6/29/07 – Brock’s Corner: All Tatted Up

[Snippet] Seriously, does everyone in this town have an F’n tattoo?  Does the Scottsdale city council have a task force that delves out crappy tattoos to all of its citizens?  If that’s the case, it’s a good thing I can run sub 5-minute miles for 2 hours straight before I collapse from exhaustion. Otherwise, they may have caught me and I would have some seriously bad ink, and that would be horrible because I have flawless skin. Plus, the ladies don’t want me to draw attention from this ass and this bone structure. That would be similar to placing a couple paint by numbers pieces just below the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Did I just compare my ass and bone structure to Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel? Yes, yes I did…I only write the truth.

7/27/07 – Brock’s Corner: Lake Pleasant

[Snippet] Anyway, after concluding that sipping mint juleps dockside had been replaced with taking body shots off of scantily clad ladies, it was time to lose my yachting attire–and that’s when things started to get interesting.

As I slowly and seductively removed my sexy outfit, a palpable tension was felt across the lake. When I took off my shirt, and the ladies caught a glimpse of my chiseled physique, I was summarily mobbed like I was a member of Menudo during the Puerto Rican day parade in NYC. Not that this is anything new.

Given that these were written only about 3 years ago I’d like to think that the son of a former Vice President, and someone who would soon aspire to run for Congress, would be savvy enough to not have been involved in something like this. But I’ve got a bad feeling given that Quayle has now acknowledged his involvement at some level. What do you think?

Update: Channel 12 in Arizona reported on this story this evening and have Quayle on tape flatly denying that he was Brock Landers. But Quayle seems eager to note that the site doesn’t exist anymore. Hmmm.

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