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Ron Paul Says Huckabee is a Fascist (Updated)

John on December 18, 2007 at 10:24 am

Well, the Huckabee bashing has reached a new low. No surprise that it would be courtesy of Ron Paul. Here’s the Huckabee ad at the center of the storm:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a secret message to Christian sleeper cells around the country, telling them to activate.Did you see that scary cross in the background?! Okay, actually it’s a window…but it’s sort of a cross. Not a proper cross…It’s more of a greek cross, like you see on Red Cross vehicles. But still, it’s threatening! The Christmas tree in the background? Well, that’s not threatening. But the cross is a secret message to Christian sleeper cells around the country, telling them to activate. Before you know it Christians will be showing up at the polls in droves and (shudder) voting!

Thank goodness Ron Paul is on the scene to call this what it is:

YouTube Preview Image

Because of course, Huckabee isn’t sincere, he’s a closet fascist. Sinclair Lewis, who Ron is quoting here, is the author of Elmer Gantry. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the story of a huckster who uses Christian piety to make himself wealthy and famous, all the while carrying on affairs with numerous women. I expect Hollywood to announce the remake any day now.

Lewis also wrote a book called It Can’t Happen Here about the election of a fascist president. The book was written in 1935 and was a reference to what was happening in Germany at the time. So, Ron Paul is not-so-subtly calling Huckabee a Nazi. That’s a new low in this election cycle. I expect better, even from a guy whose support comes from 9/11 Truthers.

This reminds me of the campaign ad several years ago (2000?) in which the word “Democrats” floated across the screen. At one point all that was visible was “rats.” Remember that controversy? It was so important that the NY Times ran a front page story about it, highlighting the perfidy of Republican ad makers. Well, here we go again folks.

This is no different than people who see the Blessed Virgin in a concrete stain.When people are being compared to Nazis because of a window, ask yourself who is being hysterical? I’m serious about this being the lowest moment of the cycle. The Obama Muslim stories can’t touch it. Neither can the anti-Mormon push polls in Utah. What we have here is pure anti-religious mania. This is no different than people who see the Blessed Virgin in a concrete stain.

Liberals (and cranks like Paul) see the cross and think Nazi. That’s worth remembering when you enter the voting booth.

Update: Here’s a little ammunition for the Paul supporters. Hot Air notes that Bill Donohue of the Catholic Leaugue thinks Huckabee has gone too far. I think he’s wrong but there it is.

Update 12:45PM: Rod Dreher, writing at beliefnet, highlights Paul’s own Christmas ad. They’re remarkable similar:

YouTube Preview Image

A commenter at beliefnet notes that Paul was asked on a radio program if he meant to say Huckabee was a fascist and he said no. If I find the audio, I’ll post it.

Update 3:20PM: Allah at HotAir links to this piece suggesting it’s a threat. It’s not. It’s clearly intended as an exercise in mutual understanding and, finally, as a preventative measure:

More and more, the attack on Huckabee has become a not very subtle attack on his Christian fundamentalism. This would pose no problem if the Republicans could dispense with the vote of Christian fundamentalists, but it cannot hope to win the indispensable states in the South without them. This is simple arithmetic. Now all would be well if the Christian fundamentalists were the clueless morons that they are alleged to be by those cultured despisers, but they are not. At the very minimum they have the same intelligence of sheep who, if fleeced once too often, will begin to think that they are merely being used, and not looked after…If the Republican establishment is really interested in self-immolation, they need only give Christian conservatives a good reason to suspect them of such crass manipulation of their deeply held convictions by those who look down on them with contempt and derision.

Matthew at Mere Orthodoxy is also worth reading on this topic.

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