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Rob Bell in Time Magazine

John on December 12, 2007 at 2:35 pm

This is bound to bring out the Bell-bashers. Rob gets a full page in the latest Time magazine:

Rob Bell is striding toward the sanctuary of his Grandville, Mich., church, the barely improved husk of a former shopping mall, when he runs into one of his favorite congregants. They immediately address a topic close to both their hearts. “Man!” says Bell. “Can I hear it? Can I hear the demo?” The congregant, an affable young part-time musician named Joel, who dresses like a long-lost Ramone, mumbles bashfully, “I can burn you one.” “Great!” exclaims Bell, whose geeky-hip glasses, black pants, black shirt and polyester white belt make their own statement. “Hey, man,” he adds, “I saw the Arctic Monkeys.” This is cool, Joel agrees. That itch scratched, Bell, whom the Chicago Sun-Times has called an heir to Billy Graham, heads off to give a sermon on parenting that starts with a soccer-dad riff and ends with a recording of Bruce Springsteen talking about the Virgin Mary.

I won’t bother predicting all of the attacks that will arise from this innocuous article. Those who aren’t convinced Bell is short for Beelzebub should click over and read it.

Thanks to Tim for alerting me to this one.

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