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Today’s Best Headlines

John on December 12, 2007 at 10:23 am

I scan a lot of headlines. Almost everyday there are two or three that catch my eye. Here’s a sample from today:

The Local: Woman catches fire during hemorrhoid operation

WSBTV Atlanta: ‘Grinch’ Trashes Homeowner’s Holiday Decorations

And in the same holiday vein:

KCAL 9 LA: Suspected Drunk Driver Slams Into Christmas Tree

But the understatement award goes to…

NBC 10 in Philly: Amtrak Train Hits, Kills Person

Ya think?

Runner up for the same award goes to…

10TV in Ohio: SWAT Officers Shoot, Kill Man

What would have been surprising is “SWAT Officers Shoot, Mildly Irritate Man.”

But I think the winner for “Most Irony” has to be this video from KCAL 9 in LA

Virgin Atlantic Names Plane After Spice Girls


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