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Last Nail in the Embryonic Stem Cell Coffin

John on December 7, 2007 at 10:58 am

I said in an earlier post that a new stem cell technique was going to put an end to the issue of Embryonic stem cells. I didn’t think the end would come this fast:

Using a recently developed technique for turning skin cells into stem cells, scientists have cured mice of sickle cell anemia — the first direct proof that the easily obtained cells can reverse an inherited, potentially fatal disease.

Researchers said the work, published in yesterday’s online edition of the journal Science, points to a promising future for the novel cells. Known as iPS cells, they have been touted by President Bush and some scientists as a possible substitute for embryonic stem cells, which have been mired for years in political controversy.

The article ends with a quote from the lead researcher who claims that, of course, we still need embryonic stem cells in the future. Uh…why?

We’ll see how necessary ESC is in five years.

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