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Osama and Kos Share a Hate

John on January 25, 2006 at 1:10 am

Last week I wrote this post noting how much Bin Laden sounds like Daily Kos and a number of other leftists. I wasn’t the only person making that connection of course, but yesterday Kos fired back at his detractors:

Let’s not forget that ultimately, Osama’s vision for the Arab world is far more akin to the Right’s vision of America…On homosexuality, on militarism, on women’s rights, on religion in school, on capital punishment, on free speech, on curtailment of civil liberties, and on a million different other issues Islamic fundamentalists don’t share many disagreements with the ideologues running our country.

The reason we hate Islamic fundamentalists is pretty much the same reason we’re fighting to take back this country from the Republicans. They are two peas from the same pod, and diametrically opposed to everything we liberals stand for.

To their credit, even a number of the commenters on his site think that last paragraph is over the line (they’re a minority to be sure, but my expectations were low). For me the core sentence is this one:

The reason we hate Islamic fundamentalists is pretty much the same reason…

When you write a sentence like this, you’re setting up a comparison, i.e “We hate A for the same reason we hate B.” But notice that Kos doesn’t say that. In fact, what he actually writes doesn’t make any plain sense.

The reason we hate…is…the same reason we’re fighting…the Republicans.

What I’m trying to point out is that although the word hate isn’t in the second half of the sentence, the sentence only makes sense if you assume it. The “we’re fighting” assumes hate for what’s being fought. And in this case, Kos has spelled out what that is. It’s the Republicans, but more specifically it’s the religious right. That’s why the next sentence follows logically “They are two peas in a pod…”, i.e. they are both religious fundamentalists.

There is some truth to what he says about Osama and the religious right. We do share some of the same values regarding homosexuality, abortion and capital punishment. Honestely, I can live with that similarity. A lot of good and honorable men and women hold these views. We are not all tarnished because this evil man agrees with us. In other words, Osama is not evil because he’s pro-life, he’s evil because he’s a mass-murdering monster, i.e. because he’s not nearly pro-life enough.

You see what’s important about Osama isn’t his values (which are held by many peaceful people). No, it’s his hatreds, the hatreds that drive him to plan civilian murders and authorize people to cut throats. And it’s here, at hatred, that Osama and Kos have a lot in common. Hatred for Bush, for Christianity, for America as it exists — that’s the Osama formula and it’s also part of the Kos formula. I’m not the first to notice. Here’s Glenn Reynolds from April 2004:

Kos — who I used to think of as a reasonable if partisan lefty — seems to be infested with a degree of hatred that I previously associated with the Democratic Underground and other fringe sites.

This of course was in relation to his infamous “screw them” episode. Writing of four murdered contractors, Kos wrote:

I feel nothing over the death of merceneries…They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.

Wouldn’t Osama have said the same about the people in the twin towers?

Kos is no murderer, just a guy sitting there in his little techno-cave writing media-savvy dispatches for sympathetic followers. What worries me isn’t Kos per se, but what some of his lieutenants in the field might do. We saw some of them in action in the last election. The shooting of windows at Republican headquarters, shoving matches at polling places, burning and theft of pro-Republican signs — it was a new low for our electoral process nationwide (all well documented in the aptly titled Unhinged by Michelle Malkin).

So where does it go from here? What happens if the Dems lose another election? How long before we see a Kossack Zawahiri? Keep in mind, it wasn’t that long ago that Kos himself got fed up with the black-helicopter-conspiracy talk in his own talkbacks. So even he must be wary of some of these folks.

If Osama and Kos sound alike it’s because they hate the same things. And as we all know, hate leads to the DarkSyde.

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