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Times of London Gets Punked (Update: NOT!)

John on December 5, 2007 at 11:10 am

Update 12/08: Shazbot! That settles it. I just got an e-mail from St. Cyril’s Church. Here’s what it said:

Yes, that is a true photograph of our marquee, taken about 5 years ago. That message was posted once for just a couple of days, and has not been on the marquee since.At the time of the posting, the Marquee Committee, of which our pastor, Fr. Mario Arroyo is a member, chose that message, never thinking that it might have any sexual connotation. They meant it as a reminder that nothing is a substitute for gathering with the Christian community to worship on Sunday. Their image was of someone waking up in the morning, not wanting to get up and saying “Oh God!” or perhaps someone suffering from depression who does not want to cope with the day shouting at God in despair.

Since that message was posted, and someone took the picture of it, that picture has been circulating around the internet fairly consistently. We have had people from as far away as Egypt and Australia tell us that they have received the image in an email, or have seen it on a website. I think the church sign generator website took the original image and used it as a template for their service.

Fr. Mario has said that it is a sad commentary on our society that most of the rest of the world seems to have made the “sexual” connection to the message almost immediately.

So it was me that got punked. As you can see in the original post below, it was the sexual nature of the quip that was the sure sign (pun intended) it was a fake. It never even occurred to me that there was a possible meaning other than the sexual one.

Getting punked myself isn’t bad enough, now I’m also part of the “sad commentary” on society. My sincere apologies to the Times of London. I’ll flagellate myself later. Um…wait, that didn’t come out right.
Never mind.

[End update]

The Times of London has a sidebar item on funny church signs. As soon as I saw it I wondered if they were genuine or photoshopped. Turns out at least one of them is the latter. Here’s sign #4 of 18 on their website:

Now compare it to this one from the online church sign generator:

Someone has carefully removed the website address and changed the church name, but notice the tree in the background and the plants in the foreground. It’s a fake. The sexual nature of the sign should have been a hint. Oh well.

The caption reads: Sign sent in by Terence Harrington. I think Terence has some ‘splaining to do.

Update: Uh-oh. A commenter notes that maybe it’s me that got punked.

Check out this church website. It’s the same sign and the name of the church is St. Cyril of Alexandria, just like in the photo at top. I also note, to my chagrin, that their site has a series of funny lines rotating through the sign making it possible that top sign is genuine. Maybe church sign generator stole it from them and not the other way around?

One thing I’m sure of, it’s the same photo.

Update 2: I contacted St. Cyril’s and asked if they would be so kind as to settle the matter. Is the top photo real? Hopefully we’ll find out shortly.

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