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A Teddy Bear Named Jesus

John on December 4, 2007 at 10:22 am

I’m stealing this from AP at HotAir because it’s just so priceless. Here’s the backstory you need to appreciate this clip…

A British teacher in Sudan bought her class a teddy bear. The students decided to name the bear after the most popular boy in the class. His name was Mohammad. Another student told his parents about Mohammad the bear and all hell broke loose. The teacher was arrested for insulting Islam and faced jail time and lashes with a cane. After her arrest, people mobbed the jail demanding the teacher be executed. Eventually, probably with interference from the British government, the teacher was released after only a week served. She returned to Britain yesterday.

Okay, now enjoy:

YouTube Preview Image

You know things are pretty bad when Whoopi Goldberg is the voice of reason.

Oh, and I have to add that this blogger nailed it:

I do agree there would be outrage, but not from the expected sources. This would not be an issue of religous groups in America expressing outrage that a teddy bear was named Jesus, it would be the anti-religion crowd which would speak out on this issue. Groups like the ACLU would in all likelihood threaten to sue the school district because the teacher allowed the students to name the teddy bear Jesus, thereby violating the “establishment clasue”.

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