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Newly Uncovered Rap Songs Prove That the New Black Panther Party is a Racist Hate Group and Malik Zulu Shabazz is a Liar (Language Warning)

Morgen on July 21, 2010 at 8:10 pm

Malik Zulu Shabazz, the National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, released a statement today defending his organization and accusing conservatives of fomenting racism for electoral gain in the coming mid-term elections. Here is the closing portion of his statement (emphasis added):

For the record, the New Black Panther party is not racist nor a hate group and has worked many years in the cities and counties of America on the issues of violence, self-education. Fighting hate crimes and police abuse. Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz. And the NBPP currently enjoy the support of Reverend Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson over a dozen Congressional Black Caucus Members and many Black Mayors and Judges across the nation.

If it is really true that the NBPP enjoys the support of such eminent civil rights leaders as these, as well as some members of the CBC and other government officials, then they had better start warming up the bus.

I posted an offensive rap tune earlier this week that was recorded by Philadelphia NBPP leader (and baton wielder) King Samir Shabazz and his group called “Coup Da’Ta”. While the song was not overtly racist, I think it’s at least fair to say that it was hateful given that the lyrics included the admonition to “bust a cop’s ass son with a bat”. Shabazz also rapped in the song about being a “terrorist trained by Osama Bin Laden”.

Fox News asked NBPP Chairman Malik Shabazz for comment on King Shabazz’ song and his response was “that his music is art, and not to be taken as literal political speech or a New Black Panther organizational statement.”

It may not have been an “organizational statement” for the NBPP, but that did not stop the NBPP from promoting the song on its web site when it was released in the 2004 timeframe. The page is no longer available but I’ve embedded a screen shot on the right (click image to enlarge). You can also view a copy of the original page on the Internet Archive here. The “Coup Da’Ta” album is on the far right.

However, note that the album promoted at the very top of the page (“Zulu: The Big Controversy”) was recorded by none other than the chairman of the NBPP, Malik Zulu Shabazz. It will soon be evident why he chose a career in law, but if you are looking for clear-cut evidence that the NBPP is a racist hate group, look no further. Click the link below to play the audio:

“Amerikkkas Most Hated”

Sample lyrics:

Black Power crackers
Black Power niggers
Negroes, political prostitutes, bitches and hoes

What kind of teaching I’m following?
The kind of teaching that got my picture in the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance
You pigs beat a nigger down in Inglewood
But we fucked up your Pentagon filled with crackers and peckerwoods
The Al Qaeda comparative true to life now
Cracker, I’m a terrorist
Bin Laden might look alike
I ain’t losing no sleep at night
In Cincinnati, we got to burn that shit
And snatch crackers out of cars
Too many young black brothers locked behind bars
For killing one of us
So why not bust on the true terrorists
The American cracker devil police officer

Not a “racist nor a hate group”? Case closed as far as I’m concerned, and Malik Zulu Shabazz is not only a despicable liar, but he and his organization represent a serious security threat to every community they operate in if this is the type of message they are promoting. (Paging DHS.)

But as bad as this is – and it’s horrible – there is another song linked on this site which is honestly one of the most offensive things I think I have ever heard. It’s from an artist known as “UNO the Prophet”, but his real name is Jamarhl Crawford. Crawford, as it turns out, is currently the leader of the NBPP in Boston. A MAJOR NSFW WARNING FOR OFFENSIVE LYRICS – here is “Kill Whitey”: (click link to play)

“Kill Whitey”

Kill whitey
And I mean right now
Kill whitey
And I don’t give a fuck how
Kill whitey
As many as time will allow

That’s Jamarhl Crawford, who believe it or not was awarded a “Model Citizen” award in 2008 from some non-profit in Boston. But hey, if anti-american rap producer Van Jones can be awarded the highest honor from the NAACP, why not laud Crawford as a model citizen.

With all the energy exerted by the media these past several months attempting to demonstrate that there are racist or violent elements within the Tea Party, you would think an outlet other than Fox News would be willing to spend just a little time exposing a group as patently offensive and dangerous as this. Especially with Shabazz claiming that he has the support of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and some members of the Congressional Black Caucus (among others).

Anyone who has condoned, defended, or otherwise enabled any activity by the New Black Panther Party is guilty of supporting one of the most vile and hateful organizations currently operating in the U.S. Nothing any conservative or tea party activist has ever even been accused of comes anywhere close to being as racist as this. And no mainstream conservative organization or official would tolerate or condone this sort of speech for one second.

And don’t forget that this is the organization that the Obama Justice Department elected to not prosecute for voter intimidation in Philadelphia. I guess Mr. Shabazz is not Amerikka’s most hated anymore.

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