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Why Don’t Democrats Feel They Should Follow The Rules?

Scott on November 29, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Big news after the CNN-YouTube debate is that many of the people whose questions were submitted to the candidates were actually Democrats with axes to grind.

CNN is playing the “We’re shocked and had no idea” card, but I don’t think anyone is buying it. I can understand how one person could slip through the cracks, but when a minimum of four of the questioners turn out NOT to just be Democratic voters but are in fact active participants in Democratic politics, you have to wonder how/why CNN thought that nobody would figure it out.

Which leads me to this question: Why is it that Democrats feel less inclined to follow the rules than Republicans? In my experience, active Democrats seem to have an “all’s fair” mentality that leads them to do whatever they have to in order to be heard and to try and get their particular points across. This YouTube fiasco is a great example. As near as I can make out, people submitting questions to YouTube knew they were supposed to be Republicans and would have had to declare or at least imply as such. By submitting questions anyway, even though they knew they were actually Democratic activists, these people would have had to have lied.

When the Democratic Party held THEIR YouTube debate, I didn’t hear one word about Republicans trying to sneak questions into the proceedings. Perhaps it happened. I can see how there would be some Republicans out there who would try to get questions in to the final round, but I didn’t hear of any Republican questions actually making it into the debate. I’m assuming that CNN’s people caught them and sent them to the digital trash can.

Of course, the follow-up question that I have relates to CNN and YouTube. If it only took reporters a few hours to discover that many of those submitting questions were NOT Republicans, how did CNN (a huge corporation with massive resources) miss the signs?

Is this an example of both Democrats AND businesses controlled by people with Democratic Party sensibilities ALL operating under the paradigm that it is OK to toss the rules if it helps them win?

I wonder if CNN will let Republicans submit questions for the next Democratic Party debate. Somehow, I doubt it.

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