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Does the Palm Beach Post want something to happen to Ann Coulter?

John on November 26, 2007 at 1:15 am

I almost hesitate to draw attention to this, but the fact is The Palm Beach Post gets a lot more traffic than I do.

Today, in a story about Ann Coulter’s efforts to conceal her address, the Post recounts a series of disturbing incidents in which she was harrassed, both by phone and at her home:

In June 2006, Coulter received several nonthreatening but antagonistic phone messages from an Alameda, Calif., man she did not know.

“Hey Ann, now that you’ve moved to Florida and you’re in your 40s, did you know that you can join the Florida National Guard?” the man, later identified as Brian Hatoff, 58, said in one message.


The evening of March 25 she heard somebody screaming from a then-vacant lot next door: “Ann Coulter is a big (expletive).” Coulter called police, then went downstairs and locked a door.

When police arrived, the person was gone. Coulter opted not to file a report. But police placed a “special watch” on her home.

Coulter called again a few days later. She had checked her mailbox and found an apparently hand-delivered pink and white envelope inside. It read, “Ann Coulter!!” Below her name was a cupid heart with an arrow drawn through it.

A mash note from an admirer? Hardly. On the greeting card inside was written: “Go (expletive) yourself.”

That was followed by the nuclear war-and-cockroaches sentiment, and this: “Stay out of bright lights with no makeup, you are so ugly. … You are quite pitiable.”

Beyond the unhinged behavior, what’s disturbing is that the same article containing this litany of harassment also gives readers the location of Ann’s house. Not an exact address of course, but let’s just say it narrows the area down to a handful of streets you could probably walk in 15-20 minutes. I won’t paste it here, as I’m still hoping the Post will think better of it and remove the information. In fact, I’ve written asking why they included it at all. Aside from the general location, the article also describes the house and the adjoining lot.

Why would Post author Larry Keller do this? Perhaps the opening graphs of the article gives a clue:

Coulter, 45, has called Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a homosexual slur and said she wished he would be killed by terrorists. She once said that President Clinton “could be a lunatic” and wrote of a group of widows of men killed in the World Trade Center that she had “never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”

So maybe it came as no surprise when somebody delivered a greeting card to her home in March that read in part: “You self-aggrandizing … sociopath!! The only thing left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches.”

Mr. Keller seems to be suggesting she’s only getting what she deserves. Yes and I’m sure the folks screaming outside her house and leaving disturbed notes in her mail feel the same way. I expect a little better from a newspaper though.

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