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First Look at Green Lantern

John on July 15, 2010 at 9:28 pm

Here it is on the cover of EW:

Gotta say, I don’t love this picture. It was clearly Photoshopped but not very well. The mask is at least partially a green overlay on his face. And I realize 2D characters need some texture to make the suits work on film, but come on. Green Lantern’s suit never looked like it belonged in Tron because the suit didn’t have anything to do with his power. It was just a uniform for the galactic police. Beyond that, they’ve really disregarded the color scheme. The costume has always looked like this:

It’s like changing Superman’s costume. Or Spiderman’s costume. You just. Don’t. Do it. Granted they did do it in the X-men films, but I wasn’t a fan of the designs. I hope they did a better job on the suit than this picture suggests. This is giving me Daredevil flashbacks.

On the other hand, Thor looks pretty good:

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