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Bullet Trackers to be Installed Across Nation’s Capitol

John on November 14, 2007 at 11:41 am

Sad that this is necessary, but it’s really cool technology:

The company that markets high-tech sensors capable of locating and providing information on gunshots moments after they’re fired is proposing to expand the technology into an area of the District ravaged by gang warfare and other violent crime.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based ShotSpotter Inc.’s system already is in use in sections of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh districts, covering 11 square miles of Northeast and Southeast Washington.

ShotSpotter, priced at roughly $200,000 per square mile, immediately alerts police to gunfire, pinpoints the location of the shot and determines the caliber of weapon used.

I’m thinking there are some neighborhoods in LA County that could use this as well.

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