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John Mark Reynolds at This Year’s GodBlogCon

John on November 12, 2007 at 5:23 pm

I attended GodBlogCon last year on the Biola campus. My favorite speaker at the event was John Mark Reynolds. I wasn’t able to make this year’s event; fortunately I was able to listen to his presentation online. [HT: Mere Orthodoxy for pointing me to the podcast.]

His thoughts on blogging as a sub-creation are well worth listening to. Aside from being well thought out and entertaining (who can resist a speaker who correctly identifies Krull as the worst fantasy film ever made — though isn’t Lysette Anthony reason enough to watch?), it’s also a practical diagnostic tool for Christian bloggers.

Dr. Reynolds asks a series of questions, the answers to which can help locate one in the blogging equivalent of either hell, purgatory or heaven. Applying his questions to myself I need to inquire: Am I too focused on the moment? On myself? Have I “learned publicly” from my own mistakes? Have I focused on goodness, truth and beauty? Have I always allowed for the possibility that my take is wrong? Have I learned from secular peers (people I don’t agree with but can learn from)? And most importantly, do I proceed from charity or do I destroy the thing I seek to defend through bad behavior?

Good questions for me and, I think, for all Christian bloggers to ask. For myself, I think the fairest answer to all of them is sometimes. Sometimes I get it right. But there’s plenty of room for improvement as well.

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