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Jerry Brown Immigration Flashback: “We used to be under a Mexican flag, remember?”

Morgen on June 9, 2010 at 10:40 am

Did the Democrats really just elect Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown as their candidate for governor here in California? Really??

Here is crime fighter Jerry Brown railing against the attempt by California voters to address the illegal immigration problem on his radio show back in 1998:

Proposition 187 is a total fraud, laying the foundation for a fascist state. It is putting tools into the hands of the state that will be used against us during times of economic stress. This “reasonable suspicion” business harkens back to Germany, to the camps that the Japanese were put into, and all the rest of it. I don’t like it. I don’t like where it’s taking us. The flow of migrants is here because your friendly multi- national corporation wants them here, wants them off the land, wants to run the business from below the border. When you’ve got millions of surplus people, they’ve got to go somewhere because they’re not going to starve.

In fact, the large corporate entities that put people second, machines first, and flight of jobs right up there – truly they are the illegal aliens, they are the aliens to America. They talk about somebody coming across the Rio Grande or coming up from Tijuana and working as a human being by the sweat of their brow making five bucks an hour or less – that’s a human being, that’s a person! But the guys running General Motors, these big drug companies, and all the rest of them, they are far more alien in the sense that they don’t respect the needs of people, families, kids, the environment, or anything that we would consider human…

A third engine of immigration is the expanded free trade – NAFTA – that is inviting tens of thousands of trucks and commodities all across the border. How hypocritical, how fraudulent! You can’t have a 12- lane highway to Mexico and say only trucks and tomatoes and TV sets, but no people! We used to be under a Mexican flag, remember? It’s pretty hard to stop the integration of the two societies that is accelerated to serve corporate short-term interests. Until you stop the pressure from down below, which is the direct result of the banking business and global changes going on – directed by some of the same people pushing 187 – you can’t stop a desperate person. Threaten them with five years in jail. Kill enough people in Guatemala, or in El Salvador. Starve them by disrupting their sufficiency in Mexico. They’re still going to come! I don’t care if you have a hundred Pete Wilsons at the border…

There’s no way you can stop illegal immigrants from coming until you stop the global New World Order. If you want to stop this flow northward, change the rules of the global economy. Get hold of the bankers, Bank of America, Clinton, Ron Brown, Feinstein and all the rest because they, through GATT, are causing our problem. There’s only one simple solution. Radically change the economic policy vis a vis Mexico and Central America. Repeal or modify NAFTA, stop GATT, and demand a relationship with Mexico where people in Mexico have a chance to thrive instead of being driven off their land, their ancestral way of life, to satisfy the banks and the global corporations…

The last election shows the utter impotence, corruption, misdirection, drift of the Democratic Party leadership – now the minority. We’ve got to build a Third Force in this country – participating in a talk show, taking action where you are, and building up a new movement of real democratic activism.

Honestly, I don’t know how we elected someone with such radical (crazed?) views to be our Attorney General. The global New World Order? A Third Force? Is this the Art Bell show?

However he was elected to the AG’s office, we sure cannot afford another stint of kooky pro-illegal immigration, anti-business, anti-free trade Jerry Brown in the governor’s mansion. Not with our state on the precipice of fiscal ruin.

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