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Tavis Smiley’s Wrist Slap from PBS

John on June 8, 2010 at 8:11 am

I missed this last week. After Tavis Smiley made a fool of himself claiming that Christian terrorists are everywhere, PBS’s ombudman was forced to respond:

I thought Smiley went off course here in a way that was guaranteed to be inflammatory. He seemed to be equating the occasionally deranged individual in this country with religiously fanatic suicide bombers and those like Maj. Nidal M. Hasan at Fort Hood in Texas. While there are no doubt people who kill in the name of different religions, I don’t think he made his case, or even came close.

The only specific case he cited was the Columbine High School massacre outside Denver 11 years ago. But that had nothing to do with Christianity.

Tavis Smiley then offers his own week response, saying:

“Ms. Hirsi Ali and I were talking about violence perpetrated in the name of religion or by people who claim to be religious. We agreed that there is extremism in Christianity just as there is in Islam and other faiths. We agreed that people have always found ways to use religion to justify heinous acts. Where we disagreed was that followers of any one religion are predisposed to violence. Unfortunately, history has shown us that believers of all stripes have been misguided.

Yes, that is where you disagreed. And where you said something stupid and indefensible about modern day America. Attempting to throw in “history has shown us…” now is too little, too late.

You were wrong, Tavis. Man up and admit it.

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