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Hating Christians

John on January 21, 2006 at 11:27 am

The American Thinker has a new piece up today titled The Passion of the Left: Hating Christians. The piece, written by someone with the delicious name Cinnamon Stillwell, describes a conference that took place last May about the danger of the “religious right.” Here’s a sample:

At one point, a speaker spoke about the need “to save democracy” from the “Christian Right,” to which the audience broke out in applause. An associate professor of comparative studies equated the zeal of the “Christian Right” with that of “suicide bombers.” A former Pentecostal minister gave a presentation titled, “Christian Jihad,” while someone claimed to unveil, “The Real Hidden Religious Agenda: The Theocratic States of America.” For those suffering under such delusions, evangelical Christians are indeed the biggest threat to America and the entire world for that matter.

Sounds lovely.

Recently I spent a couple days arguing about whether scienctism represented a religion with some atheists over at the Evangelical Outpost. It was a learning experience. Every time I brought up the latest statement by Richard Dawkins or some other anti-religious crusader, the atheists there assured me that most atheists don’t think like that. I’m trying my best to believe them.

The people at this conference probably do represent a fringe. It’s good to know that a lot of atheists feel about these people the way I feel about Jerry Falwell. Yes, he’s on my side of the aisle, but I do so wish he would shut up. That said, I still think it’s wise to keep an eye on the atheist fringe. God forbid these people should ever be in power.

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